BiLT ANZ 2019 Conference

BiLT ANZ 2019 Conference

General Overview.

I have been thinking of how to frame this year's wrap up of BiLT 2019 ANZ. Do I talk about the increase in Infrastructure projects, a direct result of many large Consultants around Australia working on some rail project or another?  Or the several Sessions on Revit model reviews, Self-improvement to a better BIM outcome? But I am going to step back and let Captain Bimcad get all Captain obvious on this. Knowledge Sharing! It has and always has been about that, but for reasons that I will get into, this year felt more about that for me than any other. One of the most difficult aspects of improving your own BIM maturity and that of the Company that you work for, is learning about what you don’t know about. There are not many places that you can have a candid conversation with another Consultant about what their Workflows are.  I know that you are curious about what is happening over the fence, because I and the other A2K techs, get asked that often.  This intelligent community wants to know where they sit amongst their peers and BiLT has defined itself as a platform for this.


Chris Needham our host.

Chris Needham our host.

I have been coming to BiLT and the previous RTC events in Australia for some time and I have always appreciated the knowledge sharing from the Speakers to the social activities.  But what stood out this year for me was the range in who was attending, and this goes beyond the balance of gender diversity.  Mind you we did find it humorous that BiLT is proud that for the first time in all their years,  that the Female toilets had a waiting line!  As I sat in the Speakers debrief room, I felt proud to also sit alongside a true range of my peers, not just a strong representation in Women, but a good diversity in the Construction Industry.  Also, to me this year felt like the tipping point of the dominant male Anglo attendees and speakers, into a healthy mix that represents our greater community.  And if you think deeper about this, then that means Companies are employing a diverse range of Senior Staff based on their merit and sending them to events like this.  That can only be good for our Community.


These are a few of my favourite things.

The Captain’s QA Session.

The Captain’s QA Session.

Just like a Grammy Award Ceremony speech, I am sure that I will miss somebody, honestly, there was so much to choose from, like every year! 

(Monica Greco, Jasmax)

Synopsis: Whilst model audits provide valuable information to project teams, they have traditionally taken a very long time to complete. Dynamo can help complete the process in just a few minutes. This session will go through Jasmax scripts for model audits and how the data is presented in Excel and PowerBI.

Monica's first go at this level of public speaking, and it was well paced, accessible by all ranges of Revit and Dynamo knowledge, but most importantly Monica was informing the audience on the importance of Module Audits and why.  If you are at a mid-level Consulting practice or above, then you should be looking into Auditing options.

(Daniel Moodie, GHD)

Synopsis: This presentation will draw on the experiences of GHD Rail Group as they transitioned from a traditional 2D CAD platform, into a fully integrated, collaborative BIM platform. Using case study examples of infrastructure projects illustrating the “BIM journey”, we’ll explore the issues/pitfalls in moving towards this high level of accuracy and deliverable. Provide interesting insight into workflows, integration of automation, complex content creation and some creative solutions those mundane tasks.

Honestly, almost impossible not to be blown away.  What Daniel and GHD have done for rail coordination, compared to the over the simplified, 2D disconnected plans, elevations and details that infrastructure has used in the past, it’s a clear indication why 3D and BIM is completely relevant.

(Aaron Maller, Parallax)

 Synopsis: This lecture will go into the differences between doing internal audits on Models when you are part of the authoring team, versus what folks downstream will be looking for when they review your Models

 If you get a chance to see Aaron speak live, or in this situation, live via an internet connection, then do it.  He is thought-provoking, I don’t always agree with everything he says, but I can't help but feel that he is not asking you to agree, but to simply think about it.  And you know what?  I present often for classes and Webinars, and keeping attendees interested is not always easy, Aaron had an engrossed audience all the way through, fair effort.

I'm sorry that I missed:

·         PyRevit (Russel Strange, Aurecom)

·         30 interesting ways to improve your day with Dynamo (Ian Shaw, Peddle Thorpe)

·         The Power of Business Intelligence - Power BI (Quoc Pham, Bad Monkeys

But don’t just take my word for it, here are some of the crowd choices.

 I asked several people
1. What was your favourite Session and why?”
2. “Something that you will take back to the office that you learnt at BiLT, not necessarily from your favourite session.”

Daniel Moodie (GHD),
Enjoyed both of John Pierson’s presentations “Dynamo, Why So Serious” & “Flex Your Families”. Found new techniques and ideas for using Revit and Dynamo in different ways.  

2. ENSCAPE: AN AFFORDABLE PLAN B TO CGI, ALAN TIER from Grimshaw. Showed different techniques in producing quality renders which I took back to the office. In fact on Monday after the conference I was able to produce a render for a meeting that afternoon.

Sin Sing Dempster (CPB)
1. 'Digital fabrication: Bridging the gap between concept and construction'.
I enjoyed this presentation because it went through how parametric modelling and digital fabrication can bring a complicated idea to life whilst minimising construction time and resources. With my husband currently completing his Industrial design degree, I know have a wider understanding of the different software he's always practising at home!

2. Something that you will take back to the office that you learnt at BiLT, not necessarily from your favourite session.'Instant model (audit) data with Dynamo and Power BI' It showed an efficient process that can be easily incorporated to complete model audits. This would encourage model audits to regularly be completed throughout the project's lifecycle -increasing the accuracy and value of the 3D model.

Ben May (Aecom)
Highlights for my 2019 BILT included; a lot of new faces across the event, with a significant shift towards Infrastructure this year, as well as another year of increased gender diversity. Plenty of global attendees including Sol Armour and Racel Williams who lead Dynamo and AI/ML for Autodesk respectively

2. Highlight sessions, TAKING AIM AT OPEN STANDARDS – Jon Mirtschin. Showcasing some excellent work on whats possible with asset information modelling requirements of TfNSW – showing whats possible when a client takes the jump and invests into developing a framework for project success 

Danie Lea (Jacobs)
1. My favourite session was the ISO19650 guide session, not because the subject matter is my particular passion, but for the fact it was a full house. Seeing that many people who wanted to hear more and understand the ISO is extremely positive.

2. What I’ll be taking back to the office, is that the BILT technical community is in effect a silo, albeit a very smart and innovative silo. As a community we need to get better at ‘selling’ what we do and the redefining impact  we are about to have on industry.

Ewan Hillsdon (Jacobs)
1. If I was to pick any session as my favorited it would have to be  the one from Daniel Moodie (GHD Perth) called “BIM In Linear Infrastructure”. I’ve had a few ideas myself on how to generate a BIM compliant model of rail infrastructure elements like signalling and OLE and seeing his presentation on how he was able to achieve this was a confirmation that it was possible. Even better was seeing it embraced by the project team and pushed even further for more benefit. It only takes a team willing to change and be open to new possibilities.

2. What will stick with me and influence how I operate over the next 12 months is seeing how busy we all really are. And not just in the traditional BIM scope of buildings but more Digital Engineering (linear BIM as I see it). And on top of that, the fact that we’re seeing more DE uptake from industry bodies and governance and a state level. Who knows, we may even see a national level mandate and an AS annexure to ISO19650… 

Wrapping it up.

Thank you to the BiLT gang for letting me speak in 2 sessions this year. 


My Co-speaker Sin Sing was brilliant, thanks for being part of it.


If you attended you can download the 50ish page handouts via the BiLT link.  If not and you have a Bluebeam (even the demo with work for this), then click on this link to download.

The industries BIM maturity is not going to be where we were hoping that we would be by 2020.
By attending BiLT we get to see glimpses as to why we are so passionate in our community.  When we go back to our offices and are forced to produce a PDF drawing, with some hope and valuable tidbits from a range of sessions you attended, you can add a little more smarts into drawing production. And if you are building amazing models, there is always more to learn, from smarter more efficient ways to just communicating better through BIM.  Our diverse Community is willing to share and I will be back next year for more.

Bluebeam Revu Xcon 2018

Bluebeam Revu Xcon 2018