Traffic Lights for Revit Graphic Options

Traffic Lights for Revit Graphic Options

I find it interesting when people just stick to OOTB Revit for even the most simplest of things.  I have discussed Project Browsers before, which could have been a little complex, so this blog will suit all levels of users.

Let's cut to the chase, OOTB Revit Options Graphics Colour (Color for the American crew) Settings are:

OOTB Standard.

Captains Standard.

  When I am training, I call it the Traffic Light setup

OOTB Standard Option LHS, The Captain's Standard RHS

The reason why I change these is simple, I want to automate as much as possible and get the computer to work it all out for me.  Like, what I have selected and what I am about to select.

This is handy for:

  • Cycling through object selection when a neighbouring object is already selected.
  • For Deselecting objects

  • Cycling through Linked files

Background Colour Option.

If you paid attention, you might have noticed that my Background colour is not traditional Revit White and not the controversial AutoCAD Black, but light Grey (RGB 235-235-235).  This works great for finding Masked Regions.  Well, actually my workflow is not to use Masking Regions to hide things in the View, instead, I use a Filled Region with a Solid White Opaque infill.  Therefor Solid White on a Grey background is visible, compared to a Masking Region on a White background is impossible to visually see unless you sweep the entire view with a selection window.

Temporary Dimension Size.

Another quick thing, I update the Temporary Dimension Text Appearance from OOTB 8 to 14, just because this Captain is getting old and crusty.   

Quick Summary.

This is no groundbreaking Blog by any measure, but if this improves your modelling throughout the day, every day through all of your working hours, then it has done its job…. And you have made a smart decision.

Fair winds and following seas,
Captain Bimcad.

Captains Log - Hansen Yuncken-Builders are using BIM, Revit and loving the Data.

Captains Log - Hansen Yuncken-Builders are using BIM, Revit and loving the Data.

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