The Captain's Journey.

My BIM journey incorporates Learning and Understanding an array of Software, Work-Arounds, Tips 'n Tricks and General Experience.   The Intention of this Blog is to be a conduit of the ever expanding great Technical Blogs that are out there, then incorporating my Industry knowledge to "Smash Out" product.  Giving the reader robust Workflows that for the intention of providing better ROI on your BIM Software and improve Drawing and Model quality and productivity.


My Journey

Throughout my personal and professional life, I have cultivated a passion that drives me to improve myself, the programmes that I use and the team around me.  I have found that with Structural Drafting is the perfect profession for me, I have the opportunity to problem solve, think creatively, use practical experience and the knowledge of structural design and build-ability.  Since the introduction of BIM into the design workflow, I have increased my knowledge into the data that these programmes generate, I have embraced the evolution the BIM has brought to the Construction industry by being involved in leadership groups, developing company BIM maturity and sharing knowledge in community user groups. 
I have worked with Revit for over seven years developing my skills along with Revit’s evolving capabilities and growth in becoming an integral part of the design industry. Increasingly, construction companies and developers are asking for improved coordinated building design, greater efficiency during construction and better ongoing facilities management. I want to be at the forefront of this BIM, 4D and FM technology.
I really believe that this is an exciting time for Construction Industry.